Emily Thomas

Emily-Thomas-150x150Emily Thomas, B.A. Hons. (St. Thomas University, 2014), is a graduate student in the Sexuality Hub: Integrating Feminist Theory (SHiFT) lab, supervised by Dr. Maria Gurevich. She is currently finishing her Masters in Clinical Psychology at Ryerson University and will be continuing in the PhD program in the fall.  Her current research adopts a discourse analytic approach to challenge taken for granted assumptions about sex and to explore women’s accounts of what counts as sex, what makes for good and bad sex, and how consent and desire are negotiated both psychologically and relationally. Continue reading “Emily Thomas”

Susannah Mulvale

Susannah-Mulvale-150x150Susannah Mulvale is a PhD student at York University’s History and Theory of Psychology program and is working under the supervision of Dr. Thomas Teo and Dr. Alexandra Rutherford. Her research focus is on how philosophy, especially the phenomenological and postmodern traditions, can be used to enhance empirical psychology by providing theoretical and critical understandings of subjectivity. Continue reading “Susannah Mulvale”